Tipping and Gifts

Chicas Relaxing

At MyWildVacations, our policy is no tipping. Our women are well paid for what they do, most can and do earn several times the wages of an average Dominican Republic. Many of our women are trained professionals who simply choose the companion / GFE industry because of its very rewarding nature.

While no tipping is our policy, in the end, guests are left to decide how and if they will respect it. Therefore we suggest our guests show some limited form of appreciation to a woman who treats them well. This does not have to be in the form of cash, but might include a nice dinner, some gambling money ($20 or $30 at the casino) or some small gift (perfume, a hairdo, anything that makes her happy, because if you make her happy, we assure you she will act in kind!). Please note that you are NEVER under any obligation to provide any form of gifts or tips, and our employees NEVER ask for a tip of any kind.

Some of our repeat guests have found there are small items they can bring that can get them a lot of mileage. Items such as makeup, lighters, perfume, or some nice lacy things which can be inexpensive in North America, but very expensive and desirable in Dominican Republic. With a little research, there is a lot one can do.

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