Girl of the Month

The February Girl Of The Month is Carolina


Carolina is our Girl of the Month. She is sexy , playful, and provocative. A super addition to our group of companions at the villas. With truly unique assets. Some of our repeat guests will attest to that.

February Gom

February 2016

February Gom 2016

June 2015 GOM

This is KK…….She tried the marriage thing ( with a Dominican ) but it did not work out. Wow ! Are we glad she is back at the villas !


The November Girl Of The Month is ANGELICA ( also called ANGELIQUE in french ).


Definitely not your typical Dominican beauty but beautiful nonetheless. She has been coming to our villas for only about 4 months. But she fits right in . Her personality is as interesting as her profile. Smart girl and LOTS of fun. She just recently celebrated her 21st birthday. Congratulations Angelica !

November GOM

Jennifer January 2015 GOM

If you have been to our villas in the last 3 years you probably know Jennifer. She is one of those “shy” cuties who is always in the mix. Small ( only 5′ 1″ and 105 lbs) but with an impressive personality. She is an ideal companion for the guest that wants a GFE but with no rules or conditions. Anything is possible. Quite a jewel !


GOM August 2014

She is just 20 . A second year student at the University ( UASD) and studying nursing there.
New to the villas, she has taken to our place like a “duck to water”. Do you know her name?

She’s back

Can you guess who our March Girl Of The Month is? If you were here at the Beachcomber Villa you will remember her.”




Michelle With Tatters Lighted Shot Glasses
Michelle is 27 years old. From Santo Domingo. 5 ‘ 4″ and 125 lbs. She really likes to have fun. And she will do almost anything on a dare. In short, she is classy and crazy at the same time.


Camilla DecemberDecember CamillaCamilla is our December Girl Of The Month. She is 27 years old. She is 5 ‘4 ” tall and weighs 108 lbs. She was born and grew up in Las Terrainas , a small north coast beach town. Her father is French. And she speaks French, Spanish ,and English. She fits right into a party week , but is a perfect “girlfriend” for those guys looking for a one on one relationship for the week.


Fatima Beach

Fatima- The Energizer BunnyFatima is 24 years old , from Santiago, Dominican Republic. She is a part time student. She is 5’3″ tall and she weighs 118 lbs.
She is called the “energizer bunny” at the villas . She is the party starter. And she will do anything on a dare. Wow !

red bikini chica posing.jpg

December Girl of the Month

GOM December 2014

KKKKKKKK…..I just stutter everytime I see her .. She seems to have that effect on most men. If you have been coming here to
the villas for the last three years you know her name …..she is the essence of what sexy is. Wow ! Our December Girl of the Month.



Jessica is 5″4″ tall and weighs 105 lbs. She is from Santiago, and has been coming back to the villa for almost a year now. She was in Spain before. We feel sorry for the poor “gallego” who lost her ! She is one of the more “mature” girls at the villas…..but twice the fun.  Her favorite saying is ” Do you want to do me, or do you want me to do you ?”  Whew !  Do I need to choose just one of the two options?


New Arrival Katy

KATY : 21 years old from Santiago. She can be a true GFE or as kinky as you like.
She speaks perfect English . What a great addition to the MWV villas. !



Sultry, and smokin hot. She doesn’t talk much (in Spanish or English) but she is fluent in “body language”.

white bikini chica.jpg
white bikini chica seated.jpg
Karina- Christmas Party
Karina- Christmas Party


Our June Girl of The Month is DiDi. She is a recent arrival and a nice addition to an already star studded bevy of beauties at the MWV villas. She will be our hostest with the mostest for Pirates Week celebrations in June 24 to 30.


Arrrh DiDi The Pirate

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