Why We’re Different

roxie and friends

Roxie and Friends

  • We created our vacation package to cater to the open minded active traveler.
  • We operate our own private villa and club.
  • Our services and rates remain constant. We offer good solid value for your dollar.
  • We operate all year around. You can take your vacation any time you want even on a day’s notice. You do not have to wait for a planned tour.
  • The girls stay in our villa so you can change your companion every 24 hours with someone you already have met and know.
  • The girls are local Dominican Republic women (a country which has produced some of the most beautiful women in the world!). They choose to work with us, and they may leave any time they wish. They are not thousands of miles from home with no way to leave. They enjoy their work and their environment, and most stay for several weeks at a time and return several times during the year.
  • The girls you see pictured on our site are all 100% girls that work or have worked at our villas. We have not used models or chosen to place pictures of nothing but our best out there. There are pictures of each girl that are taken on the premisis, and interacting with guests. What you see is what we deliver, and we do it consistently.
  • Our travel representatives know the people, area, and culture. They will assist you with every aspect of your vacation.
  • We specialize in offering you an outstanding vacation package for an unbelievably low all inclusive price.
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