Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

I’m nervous. Are you a reliable agency?
 Let us put your mind at ease. Please remember we have been in the business for many years. We advertise in adult publications in Eastern U.S and Canada, and some of their top people have visited us and have written favorable reviews.
When is the best time of the year to visit?
The weather in the DR is constantly good all year round! There is little change in temperature from winter to summer. We do not have a high or low season.
What Is an Erotic Adult Vacation?
For those of you unfamiliar with the Companion/Guide Service Industry, the above phrase is used to describe the full service provided by a travel companion. The adult interaction is guaranteed and leaves nothing out.
What is the ratio between girls and guests at the Resort?
Currently a maximum of 10 guests are accepted in our Resort.  There are plenty of reasons for this. We do not want the Villas to look like a sex club. The guests need plenty of privacy and space. We maintain a 2 to 1 ratio of women to men at all times. They live in the resort, you may make your selection at your convenience.
Can I have more than one guide ?
An extra companion is available in your vacation package, for $250 per companion per night.  
What are the girls like?
Most of our girls fall into three categories. There are some that visit the resort frequently and/or stay with us for extended periods of time, others who visit us on a regular basis, and others are students and other young women who simply see our villa as a way to make a little money and have fun doing so. They are all attractive women, the kind you would see on a Saturday night at an upscale dance club. They are all friendly and hospitable, and truly enjoy the company of men from other cultures. We go out of our way to find women who’s personalities will bring out the best in you, not just in private, but all day and night.
We are a couple can we come ?
Yes you can and there are 2 guides included in your package. We can provide special, more private accomadations for couples that so desire. See rates of our Tour Packages for more details.
Additional costs ?
During your stay at the Resort everything is included for you and your companion. All meals and drinks at the villas are covered. Should you decide to take the girls out for dinner, it is your expense. The only money you need is casino money or for your vacation outside our resort.
Are Passport and Visas required?
Some countries require a Visa. Canada and the U.S. do not. You will require a valid passport, and your airline will also provide you with a DR tourist card on your trip into the country.

What happens if I cause trouble?

The atmosphere at our Resort has been described as more relaxed and wicked than wild and we expect to keep it so. There are a few things we do NOT tolerate: Disorderly conduct, drugs, and violence.

I am ready, what is the next step?
Once you are ready, call us to see whether the dates you are considering are still available. If they are, you can reserve and prepay, pay a deposit. All billing is done discreetly. Call 1-829-601-8383.
If I have to cancel or reschedule my trip, what happens to my deposit?
There is no refund of your deposit, however we permit you to apply 100% of it to any future visit, even the following year!
Are there any problems with pre-selecting a companion??
One problem might be that she is already working upon your arrival.  Our selections are on a first come first served basis. Also there may be any number of other problems such as illness, family emergencies, vacations, turn over,  or she may simply not be working but we will try to satisfy you if you wish to pre-select.
What about exchange rates??
You can find the current Bank rate on the web at  Cash or traveler’s checks are recommended for your balance.  Credit cards used in the DR are subject to a bank fee and a less favorable rate of exchange.
For details call us at 1-829-601-8383 or 1-877-GO-WILD-1 
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